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Author : A. Fadeyibi, Z. D. Osunde
[ Volume No. : I Issue No. : II - Sept. 2012] [Page No : 59-61] [2012]

In this study, the mechanical behaviour of rubber seed was determined in terms of compressive force, stress, energy, deformation and elastic modulus at four levels of moisture content ranging from 9.1 to 14.8 % (w.b.), using the Universal Tensile Testing Machine, under compressive loading, with loading range (0-500 N), chart speed (50 rpm/mm) and cross head speed (1.5 mm/min) as testing conditions. The optimum peak values of force, stress, energy, deformation and elastic modulus at 14.8 % (w.b.) moisture content were 164.35±66.09 N, 2.09±0.59 N/mm2, 0.27±0.07 Nm, 2.74±0.51 mm and 7.77±3.85 N/mm2, respectively. Beyond elastic limit, the force of compression decreased quadratically with increase in deformation with high coefficient of determination (significant p <0.05). Predictive equations were derived to relate the force and deformation at peak and break stages of compression. It was deduced from these equations that rubber seed will continue to flow pass 2.40 mm peak with decrease in force until 3.10 mm when it is expected to break. The results showed that rubber seed combined the properties of viscosity and elasticity when subjected to compressive loading. Keywords - compressive loading, elasticity, mechanical behaviour, moisture content, rubber seed

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