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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, October 2023



Author : Anil Kumar Gautam, Pankaj Sahu
[ Volume No.:X, Issue No.V-SEP 2021] [Page No : 997-1000] [2021]

The non-conventional energy resources are the need of time to maintain energy balance. Nowadays, the transportation system also increases its dependency on electrical energy because it is clean energy easily transmitted from one place to another through wires. Using different technologies, we can transmit electrical power from one place to another short distance place wireless. Wireless power transfer work on the principle of magnetic resonance technology. Using this technology, we transfer electrical power without an electrical conductor; with the help of this technology, the kilowatts power level transferred from several millimetres to hundred millimetres with a grid to load efficiency above 90%. Wire power transfers are used for EV stationary and dynamic charging scenarios. This paper represents technology in the WPT area applicable to EV charging.

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