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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



Author : Sunil Kumar, Pankaj Sahu
[ Volume No.:X, Issue No.IV-July 2021] [Page No : 993-996] [2021]

This paper describes an advanced security system that can help us detect the exact location of the crack formed accidentally or due to terrorist activities. In India, railways have large infrastructures and prime modes of the transportation system. Railways have become the most popular transportation system due to their capacity, speed, cost and reliability. Thus, a proper maintenance strategy is required to optimise inspection frequency and improve skill and efficiency. Accidents due to track breaking have been a big problem for railways for life security and timely management of services. This breakage needs to be identified in real-time before a train comes near the broken track and gets subjected to an accident. In this paper, different kinds of rail defects inspection and maintenance methods are described.

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