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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



Author : Amit Verma, Rahul Tiwari, Shital Gupta
[ Volume No.:IX, Issue No.IV-July 2020] [Page No : 962-965] [2020]

Today, web security is becoming more and more significant in our daily life. Remaining to that the fact that we cannot sentient without the Internet, providing a decent and security networking environment is suggestively necessary. However, cross site scripting (XSS) attacks threat millions of websites. XSS can be recycled to inject malevolent scripting code into applications, and then return the code back to the customer side. When operators use the web browser to visit the place where the spiteful scripting code has been injected, the code will execute directly to the customers computer. A common solution is distinguishing the key words of XSS in the browser JavaScript appliance or on the attendant part to filter the malicious code. Nonetheless, the attacker can concept different new types of malicious are scripting to avoid detecting so that it is difficult to collect all keywords in the detecting-list to avoid XSS attacking. Therefore, it is worth allowing more people pay consideration to XSS and discovery more solutions to avoid XSS occurrences.

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