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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, October 2023



Author : Ishan Tamrakar, Dr. Manoj Kumar Nigam
[ Volume No.:IX, Issue No.I-Jan 2020] [Page No : 933-936] [2020]

As the demand for power generation is increasing, to meet the demand traditionally used renewable energy sources viz. solar, tidal, wind, etc. for power generation and integrate generated power into the distribution over grid network (DN). There is a need to study and analyze the impacts of connecting DG to the DN. Simulation results for an IEEE-14 bus network were obtained with the help of PSAT 2.1.7 simulation software which showed that DG has several impacts on a grid if connected. Pollution, the release of harmful gases, toxic products, etc.). To overcome these impacts, new technology has been developed which is called a distributed generation (DG). A distributed generation utilizes coal; oil, etc. are not suitable as they have several potential harmful impacts on the environment (viz. methods of power generation that require the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

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