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**Call for Papers Volume 11, Issue 06, December 2022



Author : Sonali Mahaver, Kamlesh Chandravanshi, Gaurav Soni
[ Volume No.:VII, Issue No.VI-Nov 2018] [Page No : 894-898] [2018]

The nodes in WSN are energy constrained since nodes operate with limited battery energy. If some nodes die early due to lack of energy, they cannot communicate with each other. The presence of Vampire attacker in network is consumes the sensor nodes resources like energy and bandwidth. In this dissertation the proposed IDS security scheme is detect and prevent vampire routing in WSN. Security is required in WSN because attacker is consuming the useful energy of nodes i.e. necessary for communication in network. The normal performance of WSN is very well known and unusual performance of network is identified by proposed IDS. The comparison of existing base work and Proposed IDS is identified the network abnormal conditions in presence of abnormal conditions. The IDS is also checking the status of energy consumption with respect of successful data receiving and routing packets flooding in network. The energy utilization is better in presence of existing scheme and proposed IDS scheme because the packet receiving is better but due to presence of Vampire attacker. The proposed security scheme provides the better results as compare to existing scheme because the existing scheme is only detecting the attacker presence and proposed IDS is detect as well as also prevent WSN from attacker. The proposed security scheme is providing better performance and also removes flooding infection completely from sensor network.

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