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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



Author : Prasenjit Debnath
[ Volume No.:VII, Issue No.II-Mar 2018] [Page No : 861-863] [2018]

the concept of symmetrical Universe came into existence by observations of things that exist in pairs in the Universe. The symmetrical Universe is also supported by the Newton’s third law of motion which states that every action has equal and opposite reaction. Thus, action and reaction are things in pair to support symmetrical Universe to be symmetrical. There are many other pairs which are equal and opposite in nature with each other like electron and proton, positive and negative, causality and anti-causality, future and past, orderliness (anti-entropy) and disorderliness (entropy), cause and effect, right and wrong, balanced and unbalanced, mass and anti-mass, energy and antienergy, self and anti-self and many more. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy increases in time for a closed system. To support symmetrical Universe, if entropy exists, there must be anti-entropy that exists in the Universe too. Thus, if entropy increases in time for a closed system, the entropy borrowed from the Universe (can be treated as open system), which in turn, can be written that the entropy decreases in time for the Universe or in other words, anti-entropy increases in time for the Universe. That is why, the Universe is getting more and more even, ordered, soothe, stable in present arrow of time. According to the anthropic principle, the whole Universe is the way it is just to sustain sapient life comfortably in the World. To support symmetrical Universe, if an anthropic principle exists, there must be an anti-anthropic principle with opposite reasoning with respect to the anthropic principle; an anti-anthropic principle can be defined as the whole Universe the way it is because we live in the Earth to observe the Universe the way it is. Anthropic principle focuses us at the center of the Universe; the anti-anthropic principle focuses the Universe as the center of attraction excluding us. We are here to make the Universe as observer dependent realism only. Thus, according to the concept of symmetrical Universe, entropy and anti-entropy, anthropic principle and antianthropic principle exist in pairs which also obey the Newton’s third law of motion too; things in pair are equal and opposite to each other.

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