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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



Author : Prasenjit Debnath
[ Volume No.:VII, Issue No.I-Jan 2018] [Page No : 820-822] [2018]

the Universe is said to be highly ordered, very peaceful, cool, cold, dark, boring place with nothing is happening for a time frame of human interest. The evolution is ultra-slow with sapient time frame. The ultra-slow evolution is itself proves that time seeks absoluteness and in reality, time is almost absolute (with minimum interaction with space, mass and energy) in the Universe, so are space, mass and energy. But human psychology seeks comparative statement only. That is why number system came into existence to aid comparative study with other quantities or variables. Although number system aid us to analyze things of our interest, but at times, the number system back fires us too. The more we know about us, the less we believe to be survived in the Universe. The more we learn to measure things with accuracy, the more we know that we actually live in the knife-edge accuracy in the Universe. Even one trillionth of a change in the environmental conditions of the Universe can guarantee our downfall to dust. The doctors are more prone to heart attack because they know more than necessary about the vulnerability of human body with compared to common man. Sometimes more knowledge and accurate knowledge back fires you. The nature always loves to be hidden and believes in exceptions at times. Everything obeys the Newton’s third law, every action has equal and opposite reaction. Even psychology, knowledge falls into the third law of Newton. Every positive has an equal and oppositely directed negative. That is why, better psychology does not always guarantee you better competency in the Universe; better knowledge does not always guarantee you avoid destruction. So, should we stop gathering information? Psychology and knowledge are also function of time too. Psychology has accumulation and filtering processes of information as a function of time to gather knowledge. So, there exists evolution of knowledge and psychology too. The misuse of highly positive thing can give you highly negative results too. If an atom bomb can protect your country from other countries, the same atom bomb can destroy your country too. This proves that, no matter how much progress we made, we can never achieve the unparalleled comfort zone; we can never guarantee that nothing negative will happen from now on. If success gives you pleasure, success also opens the door for more failures too. If success gives you more pleasure, the failure will make you more frustrated which will create an environment of extreme sense. The more speed you attain, the more bumps you will get from uneven road. If there is nothing as initial, nothing is there as final too; anything final needs to be initiated initially. This proves of a symmetric Universe. If there is no beginning, there is no end too. Everything that has an end, has to have a beginning too. An anthropic principle must exist for human race to see the happenings around the Universe and the reverse holds too: An anti-anthropic principle to support symmetric Universe. If the Universe is responsible for our existence, we are responsible too for the Universe’s existence.

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