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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



Author : Prasenjit Debnath
[ Volume No.:VII, Issue No.I-Jan 2018] [Page No : 817-819] [2018]

Old age books suggest that lies might be explained in many ways but truth can be explained in one way only. The old books also suggest that truth wins at the end over many lies even if the truth was overshadowed by lies for a very long period of time. No matter how much troll the truth has to bear before the winning moment over lies, in general, truth wins at the end. Truth wins over lies can be a true nature of time. When time changes the time in no time, the time must be great in nature as well. What is the relationship between truth and time? When time selects truth, because truth can be explained in one way, thus, time can be explained in one way only. Thus, time and truth have linear relationship on psychological ground. When time selects lies, time is highly non-linear with respect to lies; the degree of non-linearity depends on the amount of lies. In general, linearity is the preferred version of representation by psychology over non-linearity; hence, truth is the preferred version of representation over lies. Although every event starts with 50% winning and 50% loosing probability psychologically, the truth has an advantage to be in the winning side, as it is the preferred version of representation on psychological ground because of linearity with time. The little advantage of truth at the beginning of the event, in general, ends up on the winning side most of the time at the end. The trend is well trained by psychology makes it to conclude that truth wins at the end, no matter how hard and how long it is to cross over the line on a winning note. Relativity is purely psychological comprehension of space-time. Relativity is mainly human observer and human made machine related realism only.

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