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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, October 2023



Author : Sandeep Kaur, Pooja Sahni
[ Volume No.:VI, Issue No.VI-Nov 2017] [Page No : 784-788] [2017]

The placement of BTSs is a tedious job for network designers. The problem considered in the research is to determine the optimal locations of BTSs to meet traffic demands. Optimal coverage of BTSs is essentially a resource allocation/optimization problem. The received power, path loss and attenuation are main parameters of considerations during the optimization. Okumara-Hata model is considered for parameters calculations. Social Impact Theory based Optimizer is investigated in the research to find optimal locations against Particle Swarm Optimization technique for same scenarios. Results were analyzed considering fixed population of mobile stations but with varying number of mobile stations. Power received from all the BS locations searched by SITO is greater than the power received from BS location searched by PSO. Also the signal which travels from location searched by SITO suffers lesser path loss and attenuation than the location searched by PSO. So SITO outperforms PSO in every respect. The results show that the SITO approach is effective and robust for efficient coverage problem of BTS location and is considered to give almost the optimal solution in wireless communication network.

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