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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



Author : K.c Dey, Pammi Kumari
[ Volume No.:VI, Issue No.V-SEP 2017] [Page No : 769-774] [2017]

Polyoxometalates refer to a class of oligomeric cluster of transition metal oxoanion having well defined infra structure with a large variation in size, metal-oxygen framework, elemental composition and unmatched properties. They are considered as one of the most attractive and growing area of research and development especially in the field of catalysis, material chemistry and biochemistry. Along with many valuable properties like high biological activity and low cost feature, some polyoxometalates and their derivatives also show anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-tumor and anticancer activities. Few are observed to decrease the symptoms of diabetes. All these together accounts for the inexhaustible encouragement of researchers towards synthesis and study of polyoxometalates. This review is based on various scientific literatures and summarizes some bio-medical applications of polyoxometalates including their role in protein crystallization and in medicines.

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