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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



Author : Shikha Rai, Umesh Dutta
[ Volume No.:VI, Issue No.V-SEP 2017] [Page No : 747-751] [2017]

Finfet is a major device which is used for constructing an electronic circuit. It reduces the short channel effect and increases the chip area and density of transistor. In this paper, the objective is to increase the drive current by varying all the parameters of the device like the height of the fin, oxide thickness, doping concentration, and finding the better result by parameter variation. SRAM has become a major component in many VLSI chips due to its high storage density and small access time. SRAM can be used in many electronic gazets because of its low power and low voltage memory design. In recent years due to increased demand for notebooks, laptops, IC memory cards SRAMs are extensively used as both on chip and off-chip memories, because of their ease of use and low standby leakage current. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the performance in terms of Power consumption, delay and SNM of existing 6T CMOS SRAM cell in 32nm and 22nm technology. KEYWORDS:- Finfet device

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