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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



Author : Priyanka Dubey,dr.s.veenadhari,dr. Sanjeev Gupta,
[ Volume No.:VI, Issue No.I-Jan 2017] [Page No : 688-692] [2017]

The WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) in an exceedingly is capable to afford communication between sensor nodes in a restricted area of communication. This communication is healthier and really low-cost as compare to wireless or cellular communication. However open network and restricted battery power are some constraint because of that their full deployment is not possible. In WSN all the nodes are operating in a very open surroundings with none interference of any authority that’s why security is usually conjointly affected. In WSN nodes are power forced, for the reason that nodes has operated with limited battery energy or power. If some nodes die early because of lack of energy, they cannot communicate with one another. Therefore, immoderate consumption of nodes energy ought to be prevented. In reality, node energy utilization ought to be balanced so as to extend the energy awareness of networks. As we have a tendency to mention the most constraints in sensor networks is a lot of chance of node failure is due to energy uncertain depletion. So, if some nodes die early then these nodes {are conjointly affected to other nodes due to lack of energy also they cannot communicate with one another. Therefore, excessive consumption of nodes’ energy ought to be prevented through completely different proposal of authors that employment on reduces energy consumption for better utilization in communication. In this synopsis really we tend to review the some latest and effective analysis work of some authors that offers the contribution in analysis are for rising the life time of WSN. The proposed energy efficient routings reduces the energy consumption and reduces energy consumption. The previous proposed nodes energy consumption should be steadiness so as to increase the network period of time

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