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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, October 2023



Author : Triparna Mukherjee, Asoke Nath
[ Volume No.:V, Issue No.II-Mar 2016] [Page No : 602-607] [2016]

The weakest link to implementing security protocols in human computer interaction happens to be the human memory , and to aid the process of remembering security information often the most important security principles are often violated. This paper puts forward some of the guidelines that need to be followed while designing a secure human-computer interaction system. Password being the most common security tool has been studied with a survey relating to peopleís reaction to more sophisticated and/or secure forms of it. Solutions have been provided by considering individual differences. Several factors which influence the security decisions of a user has been discussed as these form the loopholes in which most naÔve users compromise security objectives.

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