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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



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Introducing a Novel Method to Digital Image Watermarking in Multiwavelet Domain Based on LS-SVM   Fatemeh Adim, Sajjad Tavassoli [2015] ... [more] 1-6
Implementation and Performance Comparison of Wavelet-Based Filters with the Frequency Domain and Spatial Domain Filters in Destriping of Satellite Images   Mohammad Reza Mobasheri, Erfan Amraei, Seyyed Amir Zendehbad [2015] ... [more] 7-16
Increasing the Security of SCADA Systems using Key Management and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography   Akram Ebrahimi, Farokh Koropi, Hamidrezanaji [2015] ... [more] 17-24
Iranian Car License Plate Detection Using Color Image Processing   Payman Goli [2015] ... [more] 25-28
Design of The Wireless Devices to Record Body Position for Sleep Apnea   Seyed Mohammad Reza Haji Mirzaei, Hodeisehgordan, Nargesdehghani [2015] ... [more] 29-33
Effect of Reaction Plate on Performance of Single-Side Linear Induction Motor in Different Speeds and Frequencies with Finite Element Method   O. Maktabdar,m. Shamsinezhad,h. Eliasi [2015] ... [more] 34-38
Presentation of a Parallel Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Search on GPU Using CUDA   Neda Mohammadi [2015] ... [more] 39-43
Designing an Improved Asynchronous Memory Based on QCA   Mohammad Reza Rasaei Moghaddam, [2015] ... [more] 44-49
Assessing the Effect of Window, its Shape and Shading Devices on the Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption (In the Region of Mashhad City)   Shiva Sabeti Ashjaee,mohsen Faizi,fateme Mehdizade Seraj,amir Saam Zarif Zarouri [2015] ... [more] 50-54
Design and Implementation of Low Consumption FIR Bandpass Filters for Matching Biological Data with FPGA   Reza Shoeibi, Nasser Mehrshad [2015] ... [more] 55-59
The New Approach for Solving Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Combination of Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search   Fereshte Habibi, Dr. Homayon Motameni, Farhad Ramezani [2015] ... [more] 60-67
Estimating Areal Rainfall by Use of Galerkin's Method (Case study; Mashhad Plain Basin)   M. Irani, F. Khamchinmoghadam [2015] ... [more] 68-73

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