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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



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Key Parameters for the Development of Long Term Delivery of Antipsychotic Drug   Shailendra Patil, Asmita Gajbhiye, Govind Prasad Agrawal [2012] ... [more] 108-117
Simultaneous Estimation of Nebivolol and Amlodipine by UV Spectrophotometric Method   A. Gajbhiye, N. Dwivedi [2012] ... [more] 118-121
Mechanical Behaviour of Rubber Seed under Compressive Loading   A. Fadeyibi, Z. D. Osunde [2012] ... [more] 59-61
An Empirical Study of Consumer Behaviour towards The Preference and Usage of Mobile Phone Services i   Dr. Pratyush Tripathi, Prof. Satish Kr. Singh [2012] ... [more] 62-70
Impact of Information Technology to Enhance Human Skills   Prof. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. D. P. Sharma [2012] ... [more] 71-73
Compactness in Countable Fuzzy Topological Space   Apu Kumar Saha, Debasish Bhattacharya [2012] ... [more] 74-78
Realization of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Based on ECDSA   M. Ashkar Mohammed, Dr. S Suresh Babu [2012] ... [more] 79-83
CFD Analysis of Twin Jet Supersonic Flow with Fluent Software   K.m. Pandey, Virendra Kumar, Prateek Srivastava [2012] ... [more] 84-91
Computational Analysis of Part of Speech Tagging   Richa Garg, Akhilesh A. Waoo, P.s. Patheja [2012] ... [more] 92-99
Analysis of Shear Walls under Compression and Bending   B. K. Thakkar [2012] ... [more] 100-103
Development of RP-HPLC Method for Estimation of Dithranol in Hydrogel based Lipid Nanoparticle Formu   Sunil Prakash Chaturvedi, Vimal Kumar [2012] ... [more] 104-107

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