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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



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The Fate of Living Being in the Course of Physical Time   Prasenjit Debnath [2015] ... [more] 429-431
Why We, The Living Beings, The World, The Universe Exist out of Nothing   Prasenjit Debnath [2015] ... [more] 432-435
Detection of Pestivirus in Pneumonic Sheep and Goats   Ali Y.h., Intisar K.s., Taha K.m., Ishag O.m., Nada E.m., Nouri Y.m., Baraa A [2015] ... [more] 436-440
An Energy-Balance, Cluster Based Routing Algorithm Using Vertex Subset Degree Preserving Spanning Tr   K.sangavai, C.porkodi [2015] ... [more] 441-445
Monitoring Wastelands of Hisar District, Haryana Through Space Technology   Arya V. S., Arya Sandeep, Kumar Sandeep, Singh Sultan, Hooda R. S. [2015] ... [more] 446-449
BIOACCUMULATION OF HEAVY METALS BY catfish (Clarias gariepinus) IN E-WASTE SOIL POLLUTED AQUARIA AND   Adegunloye, Deke Victoria, Sanusi, Adeyemi Isaac [2015] ... [more] 450-458
Modeling and control of MPPT Based Grid Connected Wind-PV Hybrid Generation System   S.chandra Shekar, K.raghu Ram [2015] ... [more] 459-464
Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques in OFDM System   Amr Abdualdaim Ahmed Al-khulaidi, Wang Jianping [2015] ... [more] 465-471
Application of Biological Adsorbent Materials for Removal of Harmful Inorganic Contaminants from Aqu   Sandeep K Sharma, Mamta Chhabra Sharma [2015] ... [more] 471-477

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