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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



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Residential Proximity to Mobile Phone Base Stations and Non-specific Health Symptoms- A cause for Co   G.gandhi, Komal [2014] ... [more] 337-342
Does Stock Market Development Cause Economic Growth? A Time Series Analysis for Nigerian Economy   Harun Rann Bakari, Farouk Abdullahi Zagga, Hamidu Aliyu Chamalwa [2014] ... [more] 343-347
Batch Arrival Mx/G/1 Retrial Queueing System With General Retrial Time, Bernoulli Schedule Vacation,   Dr. M. Jemila Parveen, Dr. M.i. Afthab Begum [2014] ... [more] 348-352
The BRICS – Evolutions and Trends as Seen from Neutral Economic Standpoints   Ionel Bostan, Ion Pohoata [2014] ... [more] 353-358
Reconfigurability in FPGA’s   G.prasad, N.vasantha, C V Srinivas, .lakshmi [2014] ... [more] 359-364
Effect of Doping Level of a Silicon Solar Cell Under Back Side Illumination   Khady Faye, Idrissa Gaye, Sega Gueye, Seni Tamba, Gregoire Sissoko [2014] ... [more] 365-371
Junction Recombination Velocity Induced Open Circuit Voltage For A Silicon Solar Cell Under External   Marcel Sitor Diouf, Idrissa Gaye, Amary Thiam, Mame Faty Mbaye Fall, Ibrahima Ly [2014] ... [more] 372-375
Investigating the Causes for Failures in Construction by Taking a Case Study   Yogen Sadashiv Masurkar, Abdulrashid Chand Attar [2014] ... [more] 376-380
Affordable Housing – A Solution to Shelter for Below Poverty Line Families   Kalyani Vilas Kalekar, Abdulrashid Chand Attar [2014] ... [more] 381-385
Geostatistical Analyst using the Junction Risk Factor to Analyse and Prevent Urban Traffic Accident   Ismail Bulent Gundogdu [2014] ... [more] 386-390

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