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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 06, November 2023



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An Incisive Framework for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Discernment   Dr. Nachamai. M [2014] ... [more] 65-68
Removal of Phenol from Binary Aqueous Solutions with 4-Nitrophenol by Photocatalytic System   K.r. Gota And S. Suresh [] ... [more] 69-72
Recent trends of Biodegradable polymer: Biodegradable films for Food Packaging and application of Na   Malathi A. N., Santhosh K. S., Udaykumar Nidoni [2014] ... [more] 73-79
Ischiopubic Index of a Nigerian Population Residing in Rivers State   Oladipo G.s., 2anugweje K.c., Dr G.s. Oladipo [2014] ... [more] 80-85
Analysis of Production of CH4and CO2from Food Waste (MSW) by Anaerobic Digestion (Dry System) Under   Amit Kumar Dey, Abhijit Dey, Suchitra Sukladas [] ... [more] 86-92
Antibiogram of Surgical Site Infection In a Tertiary Health Care Facility in Osogbo, South Western N   Olowe O.a, Titilolu Ft, Bisi-johnson M. A., Mosanya Jt [2014] ... [more] 93-97
Influence of Irradiation and Damage Coefficient on the Minority Carrier Density in Transient Respons   Idrissa Gaye, Mohamed Abderrahim Ould El Moujtaba, Ndeye Thiam, Ibrahima Tall An [2014] ... [more] 98-104
3D Modeling of a Vertical Junction Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Under Monochromatic Illuminati   Aminata Gueye Camara, Ndeye Thiam, Idrissa Gaye, Sahin GÔkan And Grégoire Siss [2014] ... [more] 105-109
Thermal Behaviour and Admissible Compressive Strength of Expanded Polystyrene Wall Panelsof Varying   Anthony Nkem Ede, Abimbola Ogundiran [2014] ... [more] 110-117
Study of Guyum Fault Zone in Geodetic Approach, Zagros Mountains   Abdoolmajid Asadi, Asma Nikoonejad, Hatam Quanbari [2014] ... [more] 118-125
Hypsometric Properties of Marvdasht Plain Basins in SW Iran (South of Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt)   Hatam Quanbari, Mohsen Pourkermani, Abdoolmajid Asadi, Soheila Bouzari, Manouche [2014] ... [more] 126-133

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