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**Call for Papers Volume 12, Issue 05, September 2023



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Packet Reordering Algorithm for Communication Systems   S. Sravanthi, D Sreenivasa Rao, Dr. V. Sgiridhar Akula [2012] ... [more] 1-3
Texture Segmentation by using Haar Wavelets and K-means Algorithm   P. Ashok Babu, Dr. K. V. S. V. R. Prasad [2012] ... [more] 4-8
Modeling and Validation of Wide Band Bandpass Filter Using Open-Stub Resonator   Tamasi Moyra, Susanta Kumar Parui, Santanu Das [2012] ... [more] 9-14
Study of Electrical Characteristics of SOI MOSFET UsingSilvaco TCAD Simulator   Sapna, Bijender Mehandia [2012] ... [more] 15-18
Compute the Remoteness Connecting Two Points by Means of Euclidean Distance Task in an Picture Deali   Dr.a.arul L.s., Kiran D.n. [2012] ... [more] 19-21
Impact of Soil Inter-space Bulk Density and Moisture Content on Vitamin A Content of Stored Oranges   Sunmonu, M.o., Chukwu, O., Alabadan, A. B., Osunde, Z.d. [2012] ... [more] 22-26
Impact of Storage Structures and Soil Sodicity on Vitamin C Contents of Stored Oranges   M. O. Sunmonu, O. Chukwu, Z. D. Osunde, B. A. Alabadan [2012] ... [more] 27-31
Effect of Purity of Water on Riverbank Erosion Under Variable Operating Conditions   Sanchayan Mukherjee [2012] ... [more] 32-37
Implementation of Fully Automated Electricity for large Building Using SCADA Tool like LabVIEW   Basil Hamed [2012] ... [more] 38-46
Kinetics of Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Fusarium Oxysporum   Praseetha P. Nair, T. Panda [2012] ... [more] 47-52
Computation of All Stabilizing PID Controllers for High- Order Systems with Time Delay in a Graphica   Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi, Hassan Farokhi Moghadam [2012] ... [more] 53-58

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