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Introducing a Novel Method to Digital Image Watermarking in Multiwavelet Domain Based on LS-SVM   Fatemeh Adim, Sajjad Tavassoli [2015] ... [more] 1-6
Implementation and Performance Comparison of Wavelet-Based Filters with the Frequency Domain and Spa   Mohammad Reza Mobasheri, Erfan Amraei, Seyyed Amir Zendehbad [2015] ... [more] 7-16
Increasing the Security of SCADA Systems using Key Management and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography   Akram Ebrahimi, Farokh Koropi, Hamidrezanaji [2015] ... [more] 17-24
Iranian Car License Plate Detection Using Color Image Processing   Payman Goli [2015] ... [more] 25-28
Design of The Wireless Devices to Record Body Position for Sleep Apnea   Seyed Mohammad Reza Haji Mirzaei, Hodeisehgordan, Nargesdehghani [2015] ... [more] 29-33
Effect of Reaction Plate on Performance of Single-Side Linear Induction Motor in Different Speeds an   O. Maktabdar,m. Shamsinezhad,h. Eliasi [2015] ... [more] 34-38
Presentation of a Parallel Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Search on GPU Using CUDA   Neda Mohammadi [2015] ... [more] 39-43
Designing an Improved Asynchronous Memory Based on QCA   Mohammad Reza Rasaei Moghaddam, [2015] ... [more] 44-49
Assessing the Effect of Window, its Shape and Shading Devices on the Heating and Cooling Energy Cons   Shiva Sabeti Ashjaee,mohsen Faizi,fateme Mehdizade Seraj,amir Saam Zarif Zarouri [2015] ... [more] 50-54
Design and Implementation of Low Consumption FIR Bandpass Filters for Matching Biological Data with   Reza Shoeibi, Nasser Mehrshad [2015] ... [more] 55-59
The New Approach for Solving Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Combination of Gen   Fereshte Habibi, Dr. Homayon Motameni, Farhad Ramezani [2015] ... [more] 60-67
Estimating Areal Rainfall by Use of Galerkin’s Method (Case study; Mashhad Plain Basin)   M. Irani, F. Khamchinmoghadam [2015] ... [more] 68-73
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