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The Unitary Quantum Theory and Modern Quantum Picture of the World   Leo G. Sapogin, V. A. Dzhanibekov, Yu. A. Ryabov [2014] ... [more] 226-246
Implementation of Artificial Neural Network for Short Term Load Forecasting   Anju Bala, N. K. Yadav, Narender Hooda [2014] ... [more] 247-251
Classification of Ultrasonography Images of Human Fatty and Normal Livers using GLCM Textural Featur   Nivedita Neogi, Arunbha Adhikari, Madhusudan Roy [2014] ... [more] 252-259
Control and Optimization of the Energy Produced by a Chain of Wind Energy Conversion Controlled by a   Abdelhadi El Moudden, Aicha Wahabi, Fatima Ezzahra Bounifli, Abdelhalim Sandali [2014] ... [more] 260-267
Information Security and Personal Data Protection   Silvia Klincekova [2014] ... [more] 268-270
False Misbehavior Removal in Clonal Selection Mechanism Based on Watchdog by the use of Transition P   Phiza Ambreen Khan, Kailash K. Patidar, Gajendra Singh, Mukesh Tiwari [2014] ... [more] 271-277
Available Transfer Capability Calculation Using ACPTDF & DCPTDF on IEEE-24 bus System Under Deregula   Satish, Ravi [2014] ... [more] 278-282
Feasibility Study of Improving Properties of Black Cotton Soil Using Industrial Wastes   Sanjeev Tanaji Jadhav, Sushma Shekhar Kulkarni [2014] ... [more] 283-287
Utilization of Industrial Waste in Pavement   Atul Ashok Idate, Sushma Shekhar Kulkarni [2014] ... [more] 288-293
Safety and Emergency Management on Construction Sites   Rohit Laxman Tudayekar, Sushma Shekhar Kulkarni [2014] ... [more] 294-300
Comparative Study of Traditional Material Management and Material Management with ICT Application   Nawaj Kalim Hannure, Sushma Shekhar Kulkarni [2014] ... [more] 301-307
Comparative Study of Last Planner System Over Traditional Construction Processes   Amit Shankar Munje, Dhananjay Subhashrao Patil [2014] ... [more] 308-311
Economical Evaluation of Build-Operate-Transfer Project, A Case Study   Vivek Sadashiv Jadhav, Abdul Rashid Chand Attar [2014] ... [more] 312-315
An Appropriate Stepwise Solution for Design of Speed Box – A Practical Approach   Pravin S.ghawade, Tushar B.kathoke, Satish B. Chawale, Ravikant V. Paropate, Ran [2014] ... [more] 316-320
Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus In Selected Health Care facilities in South Western Nigeri   Multidrug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus In Selected Health Care Facilities In [2014] ... [more] 321-325
Development of Alternative Roofing System by Using Ferrocement Channel   Swapnil Somnath Gaikwad, Abdulrashid Chand Attar [2014] ... [more] 326-330
Designing, Developing and Testing of Cellular Lightweight Concrete Brick (CLC) Wall built in Rat-Tra   A. K. Marunmale, A.c.attar [2014] ... [more] 331-336

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