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 **Submission of manuscripts for Vol-07, Issue-02 (MARCH, 2018) is open.  UGC approved Journal



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  • - Submissions open for volume 6, issue 5 Vol.1 Iss-1 published Vol.1 Iss-2 published Vol.1 Iss-3 published Vol.2 Iss-2 Published Vol.2 Iss-3 Published Vol.2 Iss-4 Published Vol.2 Iss-5 Published Vol.2 Iss-6 Published Vol.3 Iss-1 Published Vol.3 Iss-2 Published Vol.3 Iss-3 Published Vol.3 Iss-4 Published Vol.3 Iss-5 Published Vol.3 Iss-6 Published Vol.4 Iss-1 Published Vol.4 Iss-2 Published Vol.4 Iss-3 Published Vol.4 Iss-4 Published Vol.5 Iss-1 Published Vol.5 Iss-2 Published Vol.5 Iss-3 Published Vol.5 Iss-4 Published Vol.5 Iss-5 Published Vol.5 Iss-6 Published Vol.6 Iss-1 Published Vol.6 Iss-2 Published Vol.6 Iss-3 Published Vol.6 Iss-4 Published Vol.6 Iss-5 Published

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